Samsung Ready to Launch Tab Pro 8.4 & 10.1 Along With Tab 3 Lite

Samsung Ready to Launch Tab Pro 8.4 & 10.1 Along With Tab 3 Lite in 2014

A whole new swing of tablet devices by Samsung is coming from 1st quarter of year 2014. They are likely to be appearing at CES 2014 in USA first & foremost. We are going to see Samsung Galaxy Tab pro 8.4 besides the Samsung galaxy Note 12.1. We will also see a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. Both of these rolling with processors that are likely well above the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 series.

Samsung Tab pro 8.4

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and 10.1 will likely take on the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy Note family. Its means they will have ersatz stitching along their backs & will have some friendly slash around the edges. Galaxy Tab pro 8.4 will launch alongside the galaxy note Pro 12.2 sometime in the 6th week of 2014, just in the middle of two big Tech conventions of the year.

In Mobile World Congress 2014, Samsung will appear in force. There we will also hear about Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. This device is scheduled to launch inside the 2nd week of year 2014. It will be appear with 7 inch display & “Cream White” color.

Samsung Tab pro 8.4 & 10.1

 Samsung Galaxy Pro 10.1 will be launched in the 7th week of year 2014, bringing the full collection up in black & white. There is also news that Galaxy Tab Pro will appear with base storage size of 16GB.

Samsung Tab pro 8.4 slim

Above you’re seeing the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition and the Galaxy Note 8, both of which will lend their aesthetics to the 2014 generation of products. Stay tuned!

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